Michael "SpiritWalker" Moseley Will Deliver the Word on May 27th


Michael “SpiritWalker” Moseley is a sinner saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ on September 2, 1973 in a small church in Prattville, Alabama.  An American Indian singer, musician, comedian, magician and preacher, SpiritWalker has traveled the world performing with some of the biggest names in the business of music, comedy and magic.  However, his only claim to fame is that of a child of the living God.  SpiritWalker’s mission is to spread the gospel of Christ through the talents given to him by the Lord and to bring glory and honor to His name.  Preaching and leading worship is SpiritWalker’s passion and he considers himself a lead worshiper more than a worship leader.  He believes that only by reaching a state of true worship can he himself lead others into worship.  All glory and praise goes to the Lord, Who alone is worthy of our praise.