Bible Study Notes

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Wednesday September 11th 2019 “What Does It Mean to be a Christian?

Wednesday August 21st 2019 "What Is the Gospel?"

Wednesday June 12th 2019 "The Trinity in the Exodus"

Wednesday May 8th 2019 "The Trinity in the Resurrection"

Wednesday March 6th 2019 "The Triune God: A Short Study of the Trinity"

Wednesday February 6th 2019 "Godliness with Contentment"

Wednesday October 3rd 2018 "Taming the Tongue"

Wednesday September 19th-26th 2018 "A Well of Wisdom: Wisdom According to James"

Wednesday September 5th 2018 "An Enduring Legacy: The Word of God According to James"

Wednesday June 20th 2018 "Described but Not Defined: What is the Kingdom of God?"

Wednesday April 19th 2018 "How to Study Your Bible Full PowerPoint"

Wednesday April 12th 2018 "How to Study Your Bible: Interactive Handout 3"

Wednesday March 7th 2018 "How to Study Your Bible: Interactive Handout 2"

Wednesday January 31st 2018 "How to Study Your Bible: Interactive Handout 1"

Wednesday January 31st 2018 "How to Study Your Bible"

Wednesday October 17th-December13th   " Out of His Great Love 4: Romans 11"

Wednesday September 26th-October 3rd " Out of His Great Love 3: Romans 9 and the Sovereignty of God"

Wednesday September 6th-September 13th "Out of His Great Love 2: Romans 9 and God’s Purpose of Election"

Wednesday August 2nd 2017- August 26th 2017 "Out of His Great Love: A Study on Predestination"

Wednesday May 17th 2017 "What Jesus Did Part II" Romans 5:12-21

Wednesday May 3rd, May 10th 2017 "Offered UP" Job 2:1-6

Wednesday April 26th 2017 "Christian Composure" Philippians 4:4-7

Wedesday April 12th 2017 "The Mercy of God" Isaiah 38:1-8; 2 Chronicles 32:25,26

Wednesday April 5th 2017 "Going Deeper in God: How to Get Past Being a Superficial Christian" Philippians 3:12-16

Wednesday 3-22-17; Wednesday 3-29-17 "What to do when the Devil Shows Up" 2 Chronicles 32:1-23

Wednesday 3-15-17 "The God We Serve" 1 Kings 18:27-29

The Real Jesus

Who is God?


Show Yourself: The Post-Resurrection Appearances of Christ

Seven Promises to the One Who Overcomes

Pregnant by the Wrong Man

It Makes Sense to God

Issues: A Study of the Why behind the What of Suffering

Walking Away from God

Who Do You Think You Are?

Introduction to the Book of Hebrews

The Gifts of the Spirit

Spiritual Warfare Overview


Do Generational Curses Really Exist?