Grace Swap

Every year, Grace serves the community through the Swap.  Swap (Serving With A Purpose) is a free yard sale type event.  The event will take place on July 14th from 7AM-11AM   All are welcome to participate.  If you want to donate items to the SWAP, the drop off schedule is as follows:

Sunday July  8th - Immediately after service

Monday July 9th - 9am-noon

Tuesday July 10th - 3-6PM

Wednesday July 11th - 5-8PM

Thursday July 12th - 9am-noon

Friday July 13th - 3-6PM

See you there!!


What a Time!

Our Resurrection Sunday celebration was an amazing time!  We had 53 at the 7am service!  The 10:15 service was also well attended.  Many thanks to the Men's Ministry headed up by brother James Pendley!  Brothers Matthew Chafin, Von Kirkus, Danny Moon, Dave Murley and Pendley came out at 5:30am to ensure that the food was hot and delicious for the breakfast that followed the 7am service.  Brother Michael "Spirit Walker" Moseley provided our closing song at the 7am sunrise service.  Thanks to the Youth Ministry and sister April Cooper for the puppet show that was put on for the Children's Ministry.  We are grateful for the many expressions of love and support that continue to make Grace THE place!    

Michael "SpiritWalker" Moseley Will Deliver the Word on May 27th


Michael “SpiritWalker” Moseley is a sinner saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ on September 2, 1973 in a small church in Prattville, Alabama.  An American Indian singer, musician, comedian, magician and preacher, SpiritWalker has traveled the world performing with some of the biggest names in the business of music, comedy and magic.  However, his only claim to fame is that of a child of the living God.  SpiritWalker’s mission is to spread the gospel of Christ through the talents given to him by the Lord and to bring glory and honor to His name.  Preaching and leading worship is SpiritWalker’s passion and he considers himself a lead worshiper more than a worship leader.  He believes that only by reaching a state of true worship can he himself lead others into worship.  All glory and praise goes to the Lord, Who alone is worthy of our praise.

Grace Mourns the Loss of Elder Debbie Silva


Elder Debbie Silva passed away peacefully in her home on March 6th 2018.  She was being cared for by her brother Mike and her uncle and aunt Bill and Gayle Alley.  Debbie was diagnosed with ALS around one year ago. 

Debbie was born December 20th 1955 to Ed and Nancy Silva.  She was raised in San Jose, CA.  Debbie graduated in 1974 from Andrew P. Hill High.  After graduating high school Debbie attended Santa Clara University from 1974 to 1978 receiving a bachelor’s degree in English.  She loved languages and loved the challenge that language presented.

 Debbie went to work for several electronics companies in Silicon Valley. In the 1990’s Debbie joined Bridgeware, a startup company that was later acquired by a larger company.  Her expertise in human resources, finance and management was put to great use in the church. After the passing of her grandmother in 2005, Debbie moved to Alabama in 2007 to be near to her surviving family.

Debbie had always been an avid crafter and traveler, making several trips to Europe over the years, Italy was here favorite.  Debbie’s crafting talents were well known styles from Gene dolls to painting.  She painted a beautiful mural on the wall of the youth room at Grace Community Church.  Her true passion was quilting and most people knew her as “Quilter Deb”.  She made many quilts over the years and gifted them to many friends and family.  She was widely known for her quilting designs and won many accolades.  Debbie currently has a Lion King quilt that is a finalist in a national competition and will be displayed across the country.

Debbie was a faithful Christian and she was a dutiful Elder at Grace Community Church.  She worked with the church finances and was a great steward of God’s work.  Debbie also served as Session Clerk.  She will be greatly missed by the Grace Community family

In late 2017 Debbie was diagnosed with ALS. She worked hard to stay active during this time.  Her condition did not stop her from serving humanity.  Debbie is survived by her Brother Mike and his Wife Barbara, Aunt Gale and Uncle Bill, Cousins Sherri and Vince Verzosa, Scott, Laurie Alley, Todd Alley, Melody Aimar and numerous friends and church family.  Her services were held at Grace Community Church on Saturday March 17th at 11am.  Grace Community Church will truly miss Debbie.  Her contributions to the church were monumental.  Many thanks to the Women's Ministry for preparing and serving food to the family during the repast.

Installation Services for Dr. Albert E. Russell

Installation Committee pictured here from L-R: Pastor Keith Mariott, Pastor Sam Foreman, Pastor Scott Fowler, Elder Ben Ingram and Elder Ken Moore.

Installation Committee pictured here from L-R: Pastor Keith Mariott, Pastor Sam Foreman, Pastor Scott Fowler, Elder Ben Ingram and Elder Ken Moore.

On Friday October 13th, Grace Presbytery unanimously agreed to accept the ordination of Dr. Albert E. Russell and move him from licentiate to Pastor of the Grace Community Church in Millbrook, AL.  On November 5th at 4:00pm, the official installation services were held.  Committee members descended upon Grace Community Church for this momentous occasion.  The committee for installation consisted of Dr. Scott Fowler (Spring Creek CPC), Pastor Keith Mariott (Branchville CPC), Pastor Sam Foreman, Elder Ben Ingram (Spring Creek CPC) and Elder Ken Moore (Grace Community CPC).  Other special guests included Pastor Jan Overton (Crestline CPC) and Pastor Edward Nettles (Freewill Missionary Baptist Church).

As it stands, Dr. Russell inclusion as an African-American Pastor in the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination is a milestone and a testament to the attitude of tolerance and graciousness that the Cumberland Presbyterian Church has always been known for.  The generosity of the Cumberland Church, the Pastoral Care committee and the Grace Presbytery is much appreciated by Grace Community Church.

Grace Community Church endured several years of working through the ordination process and has supported Dr. Russell mightily.  Many came out to support the installation.  Family, friends and congregants gathered for a message by Keith Mariott and to witness this historic day.  There was great food and fellowship.  Grace Community Church is grateful for all that Grace Presbytery has done and we look forward to what God is going to do through this little church on the hill.  Credit to Tori J. Walker for the photos.

Dr. Russell is Officially the Pastor of Grace Community Church


Great news from the most recent meeting of the Grace Presbytery.  The Committee on Pastoral Care brought a motion to the floor of Presbytery to accept the previous ordination of Dr. Albert E. Russell and add him as a member in good standing to the rolls of the Grace Presbytery.  The vote was unanimous.  The Pastoral Care Committee was instrumental in making this happen and Grace Community Church is eternally grateful to them.  Grace took roughly 20 people to the Presbytery meeting in support of Dr. Russell.