Jack Buck's 9/11 Speech

Thanks to Jan Murley for putting this into the bulletin.

Since this nation was founded under God,
more than 200 years ago,
we’ve been the bastion of freedom . . .
The light which keeps the free world aglow.

We do not covet the possessions of others,
we are blessed with the bounty we share.
We have rushed to help other nations . . .
Anything . . . Anytime . . . Anywhere.

War is just not our nature . . .
We won’t start, but we will end the fight.
If we are involved,
we shall be resolved,
to protect what we know is right.

We’ve been challenged by a cowardly foe,
who strikes and then hides from our view.
With one voice, we say there’s no choice today,
there is only one thing to do.

Everyone is saying the same thing,
and praying that we end these senseless moments we are living.
As our fathers did before, we shall win this unwanted war.
as our children will enjoy the future we’ll be giving.

– Jack Buck
September 2001