What I learned about God from Sitting in the Sun

The sun is a star that sits roughly 93 million miles away from earth.  That's 93,000,000 to be exact.  To put it in perspective, if we were to fly to the sun, not that we would, but if we flew there at the speed of a rocket (around 17,000 mph) it would take almost a year to get there! 

Why is this such a big deal?  Consider that distance and think about the fact that even at that distance the sun is very intrusive!  The sun influences everyone on this planet.  It is especially evident now in summer when even in the shade the temperature soars.  The sun makes every man sweat. keeps everyone warm and bathes every flower in its light.  No matter what we do, until the earth rotates to the position from which we observe the sun "setting", we cannot get away from it! 

The sun is relentless.  It does not give up and it does not show any compassion.  Have you ever wished that the sun would just tone it down a bit so that everyone at your barbecue didn't faint?  It gives its light and heat no matter how we feel.

So what did the sun teach me about God?  A lot!  First of all, God is more powerful yet He is as gentle with us as a feather at times!  God is just as relentless.  He pursues us with a relentless love but unless we accept it, we cannot receive it.  Like the sun, God is unmoved.  Fixed in His position as the creator of the universe.  He's unshakeable and He gives light but that light must be received!  It's not forced or overbearing.  God has influence over every person but that person cannot feel that influence except that man/woman respond to God's grace. 

What I learned is that God is so loving that He is not intrusive.  He does not force Himself upon anyone.  While we may be able to feel His presence, we cannot truly commune with Him until we accept His gracious offer of salvation.  God personally influences those who have responded to His grace in the affirmative.  This is what separates Yahweh from all other gods.  He is personal with His people and He desires a personal relationship.  We should thank Him that He is so loving!  We thank You God for Your grace!