Why Should We Support Missions?

Jesus said that we are to go and make disciples of all men.  Discipleship, not conversion, is the goal of every Christian effort.  Discipleship allows us to multiply rather than simply add to God's Kingdom.  Some are called to be missionaries in foreign lands.  Others are called to support them.  Paul's work would have been virtually impossible had it not been for churches supporting him as he traveled to various places preaching the gospel and making disciples.  The church must support missions as a part of our fulfillment of the Great Commission.  The Cumberland Church is by nature and by history, a missionary, evangelical church.  Historically, one of the reasons for the split from the Presbyterian Church was the lack of desire on the part of the Presbyterian Church to send missionaries out into the American frontier.   The Cumberland Church took that charge and began sending men into the frontier to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Missions are our heritage.  From J. Edmund Wier in Liberia to the Chickasaw Indians and Robert Bell, we have always brought the gospel to the world.  Let's continue to do this by supporting the Stott-Wallace Missionary fund.

Here is a description taken from the Stott-Wallace website:

"The Stott-Wallace Missionary Offering Fund is an ongoing fund which is used to support current and future Cumberland Presbyterian missionaries. One hundred percent of all donations is used to pay missionary salaries and benefits. Donations can be made to the fund or to specific missionaries. Contributions can be made at any time throughout the year. Pentecost Sunday is the day set aside on the church calendar to receive and celebrate the offering, learn more about the missionary program of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and to pray for the missionaries. Each year resources are developed to help observe this offering – worship aids, educational pieces, brochures, envelopes and new in 2016 a DVD!"

You can donate online by going to https://cpcmc.org/mmt/giving/ and read more about the program at https://cpcmc.org/mmt/sw/.